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Your perception of life creates your life...

So your life is not what you'd like it to be...instead of sipping cocktails on an inflatable unicorn in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, you are stuck in a 9-5 job that you hate, or a relationship that makes you feel worthless. Or maybe you like your job, and you love your partner, but you still find yourself comparing your life to Sarah and Dave's from down the gym....?

Whatever it may be, so many of us are looking at other peoples lives and wishing that theirs were different.

Well here's the big news....YOU can change your life!

If you recover YOUR connection to YOUR self, forget about what you've been told, forget about what other people are doing, just concentrate on what YOU want from life, you will find that actually with a few tweaks, you can have everything that you wanted, and you may also realise that what you wanted wasn't the inflatable unicorn, but just a bit of passion for life, learning a new language or an instrument, picking up painting, drawing, writing, dancing, singing, woodwork! Whatever!

But as they say, 'if you don't ask, you don't get'.... so ask yourself, what do you really want..?

I wrote a poem recently about perceptions. I found myself watching people and thinking how everyone is in their own world, they all think that they know what other people are doing and thinking, when in actual fact, these assumptions are based on their own lives and how they perceive things to be. It's a strange example and I'm not sure why it comes to me now, probably because I'm hungry, but I used to think that my friend was annoyed with me for always raiding her cupboards at her house, and 'd feel guilty. But actually, my friend was in her own head thinking about her own problems and those faces she pulled that I saw as irritation towards me and my eating habits, were aimed at herself, what she was thinking, and absolutely nothing to do with me.. :-/ Odd example I know, but I'm sure you know where I am coming from with this.

During childhood is when we gain many of our opinions of the world. Through absorbing our environment; the words we hear, the actions we see, and the moods/energies that we feel, we construct some idea of how life is and this can act as the platform from where our behaviours, emotions and thoughts are created. A child who grew up in a household that fears the unknown and wants to control the future with safe measures, is more likely to see the world as an unsafe place and display related behaviour than a child who grows up in a household full of love and appreciation for what they have. And yet behind all the memories and experiences, we are all fundamentally the same, we are all born free of certain conditions with a blank canvas waiting to be filled, and this canvas can be wiped clean and re-written, whenever you want.

It isn't easy, but me personally, I would rather spend a few months or even years looking at my canvas and writing a new story, than spend the rest of my life suffering at the result of my past...

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