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My letter for me...past, present and future...

I found myself drifting into the past the other day, it was a good drift, the type of drifting where you can see how far you have come. From the negative judging mind, comparing myself to others, seeing my faults instead of my strengths; a lot of healing has taken place over the last 3 years and I have been inspired to write a letter to my old self, my inner child, and my future children.

Our world, our home, needs to be protected, and the only way that we can do this is by changing ourselves. By healing our wounds so that we can see and feel true love, the love that was always there but has been shadowed by desires, greed, complaints - all of the negativity that comes with consumerism and materialism.

We create our own reality, this I now know for sure, and so we have a choice to accept our current state and then look at changing it, or stay as we are - it's not always easy, but it is very simple. Life will always have ups and downs, it is ever changing, but as we are always chasing happiness, we want more and more, when we have downtimes, lowtimes, we become absorbed by them, and they continue for sometimes much longer than necessary.

Healing helps us to work with those peaks and troughs, and to become more balanced so that we are able to cope better with negative emotions, and even the happiness is more enjoyable because we are not grabbing at it, wishing for it to stay, because we no longer fear the low times, they just are what they are.

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