We provide mindful improvement services for individuals, teams and 

organisations to help improve livelihood and wellbeing

Sacred Spaces is a unique, tailored mindfulness-orientated organisation, predicated on the notion of helping people to become the best versions of themselves by being more present and consciously aware of their thoughts, feelings and actions. Helping people understand how and why their minds and bodies react and respond to themselves and the environments around them.

We are here for all individuals in all scenarios;  businesses, schools, special needs, detainment centres, under pressure performers and any collective unit or organisation. Become more

present, aware and mindful and in turn more

happy productive and grateful.   

We hold private and public ceremonies, 1to1 sessions and workshops. We work with many therapeutic, mindful practices and medicines to help those who may need, or wish for some help from nature to nurture their inner power.  

The fundamental basis of our work is self-recovery, discovering what we are not in order to find out who we really are. Without the fear of failure, the anxieties, the low self-esteem, who would we be, what would we do, and how would we feel?  

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Sacred Spaces

10 Gorham Rise

Broughton Astley 


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Tel: +44 7713016200

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