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A window into sound therapy with Sacred Spaces

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Sound Therapy is a healing art that uses that which we first new. . sound and vibration

The ancient art of sound healing - A healing therapy that helps calm the mind and body through a guided sound scape journey. Working with a combination of tuned ancient healing instruments and practices to provide our unique holistic healing and mindfulness programs.Differing from yoga and meditation practices, sound therapy is a much faster, more easily efficient way in obtaining results.

This very powerful and unique practice combined with Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) works by aiding the mind and body to reach deep meditative states of consciousness that would usually take years of meditation practice to achieve. Therefore instant benefits can be noticed.

Many of the positive effects/experiences that are experienced are:

Relief & decrease from - Anxiety, stress/worry, panic, depression, pessimistic/negative thought patterns, insomnia and many other negative aspects of self.

Increase in - Positive mood, deep recovery sleep, relaxation, focus, love, gratitude, appreciation, body balance, cellular regeneration, clarity, joy and many other positive aspects of being.

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