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About us

About Sacred Spaces

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Sound & Vibrational therapy  





Our Story


Sacred Spaces was born from the idea and action of self-work and self-improvement. After many years in the corporate industries of music and fashion, and being in and around large businesses from an employee, managerial and directory perspective, it became very clear just how much the negative aspects within them are related and tied directly into individual and collective ways of thinking, responding and managing those aspects in a mindful and conscious manner. Healing can occur on physical, mental and emotional levels if we get the mind right. And that’s the exact objective we have as individuals and as a collective.

Through years of study accompanied by much travelling and expedition, gaining life experience and self practice with Sound and vibrational therapy, meditation, breathwork, Yoga and various healing techniques and practices, we have all healed and reoriented our lives for the better, and in turn have helped and begun helping many others on their road to self re-discovery and awareness. And so the vision of continual growth and expansion has become the driving force, which allows our focus to be in the present, addressing what’s at hand while working towards an ever-growing goal of achievement. Preventing stagnation of being stuck in the past or past experiences. “Liberate your mind, and the ass will follow”

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Our Clients

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